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blackbush armory started in…

2018 in Stillwater, OK with humble beginnings in a shed behind an automotive shop. With quality builds and service, the shop quickly expanded and relocated to Sand Springs, OK in 2019. We love the rugged, simplicity of the AK47 and it’s variants and we specialize in the AK platform rifle; however, we also do AR-15 builds, Saiga builds, AK customizations, and receiver fabrications.  Pretty much anything you want to customize on a rifle, we can do. We pride ourselves in building quality tools that will work when you need them to.

our team


thomas w gowen

I was always interested in guns as a kid. I grew up hunting pheasants and rabbits in Nebraska so guns were a normal part of life. I was a mechanic in the automotive industry for over 30 years. In 2006, my house burned down and I had an AK left in my safe and through a gun dealer buddy met Charlie Jacques. He bought what was left of it for $35 and rebuilt it. That got my interested in building and I started building as a hobby. I knew it was time to make the passion a full time gig and decided to get out of the automotive industry and get my FFL license and start manufacturing full time.


Charles jacques

I’ve been working on guns for over 20 years. I started when I was a kid tinkering with hunting rifles with grandpa. I was a metal fabricator for 8 years and decided to make my hobby and passion my full time job and build guns. I love working on all firearms but the AK47 stood out. I remember seeing the movie, Goldeneye, and I liked them visually, the simplicity and ruggedness. I just thought it was an interesting gun. The first kit I build was a Romanian kit and I’ve been building them ever since.