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Rivet Build, Standard* $250.00

Includes gauge/inspect kit. Drill trunion holes in rcvr (if applicable). Fit/install trigger guard, trunions. Press and headspace barrel. Fit/install internals, furniture, required US parts and any other fitting/tweaking (mag well, carrier rails, extractor tuning, safety fit, etc). Test fire to confirm function (30 rounds minimum). Also applies to folding stock rifles being built on receivers that are PRE-cut for folding stock hardware.

* For virgin kits (All new parts, not demised) ADD $50.00

Add Norrells Moly Resin finish to a build service ADD $100.00

Add Premium finish (Parkerize + Moly Resin) to a build service (single color) ADD $250.00

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partial build & other services

rivet work + install barrel $140.00

Fit/Install trigger guard and front/rear trunions. Press bbl in and check headspace. No other assembly work.

rivet trigger guard - fixed stock models $105.00

trunnions to rcvr only.

rivet trigger guard - folding stock models $155.00

trunnions to rcvr only.

remove bbl from trunion $45.00

demill kit $50.00

Remove bbl and all rivets, inspect.

press bbl only $50.00

And check headspace.

cut + crown barrel $45.00

thread barrel $45.00 minimum

cut + crown + thread barrel $75.00

perm. attach muzzle device $45.00

Solder or blind pin

AK 2.jpg


parkerize all steel parts $195.00

parkerize barreled action only $100.00

parkerize + norrells moly resin combo $299.00

*Not every AK is the same. While these are normal prices, some rifles may require extra labor and will be communicated to customer.